tirsdag 11. desember 2012

Happy Yule, people

Yes, I am aware that it's early, but we had to make Christmas cards and kittens, so here I am.. Posting my version of one of those cards you don't really send to someone. 
For this composition I've merged two images, taken on a different moment and place of the day. The darker left corner has gotten the sunshine moved, because I erased the rest to make place for my winter wonderland... Increased the contrast as usual, slightly dubbed the blue (because mah teacher told me, though I feel the blue fits perfectly) and I can't remember the rest.. It's pretty much a sub-concious routine.

fredag 30. november 2012

Medieval promoting Poster

So for this assignment our teacher wanted us to make a poster showing off the medieval aspects of Bergen, but making it appealing to the youth. In this mash up I have four pictures, one being the base, and the rest going as a spiral from the vanishing point. I used the layer options Multiply and Overlay to get the desired effect, afterwards enhancing the already blue filtered pictures. The font is custom made, with a cold burgundy undertone. I used the settings Drop Shadow and Stroke to make the text easier to read.

fredag 23. november 2012

Fooling around with the colours

Our task for the day was to manipulate the colours of our chosen picture, and highlight some colours. 
My lovely ginger friend has been quite a help, posing for this subtly seductive picture.

fredag 16. november 2012

Experimenting with ze camera

Eksponeringstid: 1/40
ISO: 1600

Eksponeringstid: 1/80
ISO: 3200

Eksponeringstid: 1/4
ISO: 1600

Eksponeringstid: 0.8
ISO: 100

tirsdag 13. november 2012


"Hellfire" tilhører monotypi"serien" min "Synd".
De røde tonene skal symbolisere skjærsilden, hvor de blå er menneskene. Har du litt fantasi, kan du skildre silhuetter innimellom. Blå er óg en sterk komplimentærfarge mot rødt.

torsdag 8. november 2012

This is Halloween... Altså høst hvis du ikke forstod

Tatt med HTC Mozart en sen tidlig-høst kveld. Da Halloween nærmet seg hjørnet og turstien min var badet i oransje lys.

Tatt med mitt fantastiske speilreflekskamera (Skryter much?) denne måneden faktisk.
Winter is coming bro.