fredag 8. mars 2013


So for this assignment, we had to re-enact a painting, illustration or a text using a camera and PS.

I chose the delve in the art of Victoria Francés, my favourite illustrator. The one I chose is featured in Francé's first book in the Favole series, Gelida Luz. Which officially is translated to Frozen Light. Francés' art has a gothic feel to it, which I tried to create using some props.

On the model I've dyed her hair red,coloured her lips, darkened her lids with the burn tool.

Characteristic tears in Francé's art using a soft brush and the blur tool. Higher contrast, warming filter and lower brightness as usual. Also I took the frame from the original, and burned the edges.

The unedited picture:
f/ 3.5, Shutter: 1/25, ISO-320

torsdag 7. mars 2013

Piece of History

Arthur Fellig (Weegee) is a well known (Though I did not know of him until now) photographer and photojournalist during the 20's-60's. His signature photos were his street photographies.
He worked in New York taking pictures for the news paper, featuring crime scenes and various other action photos.
 Though Weegee did not only do action photographies, he also had a photo collection featuring circus people and nudes.
Characteristic for Fellig, is that most of his shoots are during night time, where a dramatic contrast occur when using a flash. I am not sure if this is intentional, though it's something. He also took portraits, here of Marilyn Monroe puckering up.