fredag 8. mars 2013


So for this assignment, we had to re-enact a painting, illustration or a text using a camera and PS.

I chose the delve in the art of Victoria Francés, my favourite illustrator. The one I chose is featured in Francé's first book in the Favole series, Gelida Luz. Which officially is translated to Frozen Light. Francés' art has a gothic feel to it, which I tried to create using some props.

On the model I've dyed her hair red,coloured her lips, darkened her lids with the burn tool.

Characteristic tears in Francé's art using a soft brush and the blur tool. Higher contrast, warming filter and lower brightness as usual. Also I took the frame from the original, and burned the edges.

The unedited picture:
f/ 3.5, Shutter: 1/25, ISO-320

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