fredag 24. mai 2013

CD Cover

As preparation for a possible exam in photography, we had to create two CD covers for a genre of our choosing. The first task was to create one with at least one instrument and one person. As you may see, this is the second one, which we were allowed to do whatever. 
The "band" I made a cover for is called Serendipity, which is a symphonic metal band with folk elements. (And yes, I made all this up.)

Here I merged two images, "Poster Edged" the girl, created runny mascara with a soft brush and "Blur", as well as using "Burn" on her left eye. The background is merely with higher contrast and brightness.
Font is "FairyDust".

tirsdag 14. mai 2013

Drypoint (Koldnålsradering)

Drypoint is a printmaking technique, in which an image is incised into a plate with a needle. 

We were to find scenarios of which lines were prominent.

We used oil based paint and tried to rub it down in the "cracks". This became my result. (Right) I'm not quite happy with it since some of the lines aren't that clear. It does look slightly weird.


Ok.. So we were to make advertisements for something, anything really, and use techniques we've learned to create the elements that are in an advertisement. The idea is to advertise for reading, as it is possible to live through the main character through the words.

For this I did a collage of a screen shot of one of my characters, as well as a picture of a frequent model on this blog. 
Picture to the left is a two layered, with the lower being "posterized" and the above reduced to 13 % opacity. The eager reader is between these two, where I used "refine edges" to remove the unimportant background and merge the elements.
The text is first "Fairydust" and then "Metal Macabre". The last one flowing over the shield of the cartoon character. The eyes of the model looks at the book, but as you follow her eyes you get to the text.

Dead Silence

 The theme is as the title suggest, silence. For this assignment I asked a friend of mine to join me at a graveyard for a little photo shoot. All the photos had their saturation lowered to create a more gentle and soft feel. 

The model were to interact with the environment as gracefully and "silent" as to compliment the surroundings, and create a complete look which appears muffled.
 Towards the theme, I instantly thought of a graveyard because what's more silent than the last resting place?

Considering that it was quite windy at that time, I feel we were lucky to catch those moments when her hair and dress stood still, as a dynamic picture would disturb the message.