tirsdag 14. mai 2013


Ok.. So we were to make advertisements for something, anything really, and use techniques we've learned to create the elements that are in an advertisement. The idea is to advertise for reading, as it is possible to live through the main character through the words.

For this I did a collage of a screen shot of one of my characters, as well as a picture of a frequent model on this blog. 
Picture to the left is a two layered, with the lower being "posterized" and the above reduced to 13 % opacity. The eager reader is between these two, where I used "refine edges" to remove the unimportant background and merge the elements.
The text is first "Fairydust" and then "Metal Macabre". The last one flowing over the shield of the cartoon character. The eyes of the model looks at the book, but as you follow her eyes you get to the text.

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