tirsdag 8. januar 2013

Reflections and Curls

 So here I'm at it again, with this pro moth-chilling-on-a-mirror shot. I actually like it, which is rare in my chase. The background may be somewhat unfortunate, though still interesting. Considering it's also blurry, no focus is taken away from the main object; Le moth.
The following pictures are affiliated with a most skilfully task; Overview, close and detail. As often seen, my co-photoperson (http://norgreeklishashley.blogspot.no/) is modelling. 

 Overview shot

 Close up

mandag 7. januar 2013

Once upon a filter

Filters, filters, filters.... We used them.

For this picture, I used "Stamped" for skin and hair, "Watercolour" for the sweater, and "Sumi-e" for a portion of the background surrounding my model. Also I added some colouring and highlight to the eyes of the owl earring for more depth... No apparent reason.

Here is yours truly, with the background filtered with "Dark strokes" and myself with "Poster Edges". I like the composition, it does somewhat reflect me.

Here I just used "Torn Edges" for a more complete and simple photo. All the cloaked people are me, this is a photo collage made earlier.

Lines, the early works of a person which would be me

I seem to have forgotten to upload this little project for some reason, until obviously now... 
We were to find vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines in different settings, as well as an S line. So.. Here's the pictures or whatever.

The first picture shows the branches,

Second one shows an S line, because of the leaf covered road.

Last one you may see as "cheating", because both vertical and horizontal lines are in this picture. The vertical damage marks on the stairs, the horizontal and also diagonal planks and to have a solely horizontal object, the brick thing in the far end.